Arriving from all parts of the world, many of our guests will be visiting the vibrant town of Victoria Falls for the first time. With many years of experience in the hospitality industry, we know it’s likely you’ll have a few questions before arrival, and to satisfy your curiosity, we’ve answered a few of the most frequently asked questions below.

When is the best time to visit Victoria Falls?

We say it is always a good time to visit the area as you can enjoy warm weather throughout the year. The winter months of June to August offer some chilly evenings and the summer months of September to April can be very hot with temperatures reaching up to 40 degrees Celsius! Victoria Falls Restcamp and Lodges has an abundance of lush trees and shade as well as a dazzling pool to cool off in during those months.

With regards to viewing the Victoria Falls themselves, March to May offer the highest water levels. The lowest in late October to early November. During the peak flow months, there is so much spray that sometimes it can be difficult to see the Falls themselves and you’ll certainly be guaranteed a free shower.

Whichever time of year you choose to visit, you will enjoy a different experience and this is what keeps visitors coming back time after time.

Is it safe to visit Victoria Falls?

Despite some bad press over the years, Zimbabwe and Victoria Falls, in particular, are perfectly safe tourist destinations. In fact, they are safer than the majority of cities around the world. Petty crime, of course, does exist as anywhere in Africa, so we simply encourage you to avoid flaunting expensive items such as jewellery or large bundles of cash when out and about in the town. There is also a tourist security task force on patrol in the town to ensure visitors are not bothered by vendors on the roads and kept safe at all times.

Victoria Falls Restcamp and Lodges is located in the heart of the town prides itself on taking the utmost security measures to ensure guests and their belongings are safe. The premises are fenced and there is a 24-hour security service on duty which also monitors who comes in and out of Victoria Falls Restcamp and Lodges. If you have any issues regarding your safety, please contact the security guard or any member of staff.

Is there malaria in Victoria Falls?

Malaria is present in Victoria Falls and not to be taken lightly and precautions must be taken before arrival and during your visit. These precautions ensure that the likelihood of catching malaria is little to none thus making the disease certainly preventable.

Ideally, 2 to 6 weeks before travelling we recommend speaking to your doctor to gauge whether you are fit to take malaria prophylaxis. Whilst enjoying your time in Victoria Falls, you can further lessen your risk by avoiding being bitten by mosquitos by wearing long sleeves and trousers in the evening, applying a good repellent at dusk and sleeping under a mosquito net or fan.

If upon returning home, you feel unwell or display any flu-like symptoms such as headaches, fever or nausea please seek medical advice immediately. Malaria is easily treatable when caught early.

Is the tap water safe to drink?

The water at Victoria Falls Restcamp and Lodges is safe to drink as it mainly comes from the municipality but when using borehole water, we do not recommend drinking it. Most locals drink from the municipal taps but we recommend you purchase bottled drinking water if you have a sensitive stomach.

How can I get to Victoria Falls?

The newly opened Victoria Falls International airport welcomes a variety of world-class international and regional airlines daily. You can also safely travel by car or rail from various parts across Africa. The airport is located only 20 kilometers from Victoria Falls Restcamp and Lodges and is a quick and easy drive- we can arrange transfers for you prior to your arrival.

Are there animals in Victoria Falls?

Animals are a welcome part of daily life in Victoria Falls. On the lawns at Victoria Falls Restcamp and Lodges, you’re likely to encounter mongoose and warthogs, as well as monkeys and baboons in the trees. Please be mindful that all animals are wild and not to be trusted or fed. Please ensure your windows and tents are closed when you leave the area and keep food, drinks and toiletries safely stored away from prying paws or snouts. There have been elephants spotted wandering the streets in the evening so we encourage you to stay alert to avoid any unnecessary encounters.

What payment methods are available in Victoria Falls?

Due to ongoing cash shortages, we recommend you bring in your own US Dollars or ensure you have an international electronic card to use. At Victoria Falls Restcamp and Lodges and throughout Victoria Falls, Visa and MasterCard, US Dollars and Zimbabwe Dollars are accepted.

Do people speak English in Victoria Falls?

Certainly and some of the best English you will find in Africa! Make sure to greet our friendly staff who are always happy to chat and assist you.

What are the check-in and check-out times at Victoria Falls Restcamp and Lodges?

Check-in is from 2pm daily and check-out is 10am daily. There is a late check-out option available for a small added fee.

Is breakfast included in the accommodation?

All our units are self-catering but if you are making a booking for a large group we are more than happy to provide a bed and breakfast rate. Our in-house In-Da-Belly Restaurant serves delicious, fresh and affordable breakfasts daily and is the perfect hassle-free way to start your day.

What shops are close to Restcamp?

Victoria Falls Restcamp and Lodges could not be any more central to all the amenities and facilities Victoria Falls has to offer. There is a local shopping centre across the road with a supermarket, bottle store, restaurant, pharmacy and a curio shop, and much more only a few minutes’ walk away.

How close are the Victoria Falls?

Victoria Falls Restcamp and Lodges is the closest campsite to the Victoria Falls and you can even see the spray from the Falls from your accommodation in the high water season! The rainforest is an easy 25-minute walk through town or a 3-minute drive by car.